Bolter Blog…

Sorry, I am a little late.. but here it is.

After reading Bolter’s essays I think the way it connects with something in my own life is school.  Because I grew up in the 90s where computers were still new and we didn’t have to type up everything for most of my school work it was written and the only things we did on the computer where learning how to type without looking and learning how many words per minute we could type I have become particularly fast at it and really good at not looking at the keyboard. But I still find it easy to write out my notes or write out a draft or outline before. I literally hate typing outlines I find it more frustrating than helpful. “Despite its apparent immediacy, however, oral poetry is no more natural than writing, just as writing with a paper and pen is no more natural, no less technology, than writing on a computer screen.” (Bolter’s Reading 2) I feel as this quote is what connected me to school and how I find writing easier than typing in certain circumstances and when I am assigned to read and write/ type short responses especially when its only a 100 to 200 words in some cases.

Also even though I do  have a Kindle I very much rather go to Barnes and Noble’s to buy a book and that relates to Bolter’s  first reading in which he states, “Because of the tension between print and digital forms, the idea of the book is changing.” I also still like to have the physical news paper in front of me too, when I do things at work I print it because its easier for me to read and I feel that when a lot of my readings come from the computer and I do have to print them out or just read them on the screen I am 1. Wasting paper of my own that I have paid for and 2. I become distracted by this thing called the World Wide Web, there is always something else I can do when I get bored of what I am reading. Maybe I should own a typewriter and see if that will help me become less distracted but then I wouldn’t be able to have this homework with me digitally only in hardcopy and that not what you asked as part of the assignment. So I guess I think I connect with school on a level where I rather use print in most cases than using technology to get my stuff done and I become less distracted from the real task at hand.

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