“As We May Think” by Vannevar Bush

“As We May Think” by Vannevar Bush is an essay, scientific in nature, regarding Bush’s concern for future technology updates. Bush proposes what he calls a “memex” – a collective memory machine that would make knowledge more accessible. He essentially predicted computers and the internet, roughly fifty years before the internet came to be. Bush also mentions other technologies, such as photography and microphotography and discusses their potential for future use. Bush states that “the combination of optical projection and photographic reduction is already producing some results in microfilm for scholarly purposes, and the potentialities are highly suggestive.”

I agree with Dana. I would also love to go back to a simpler time where you had no choice but to see the true beauty in things without using google. In 1945, the world was not like it is today, technology wise. My parents were born in the early 1940s, and they did not get a television in their respective homes until they were about 10 years old. There was no internet or computers.  The telephones they used were rotary telephones. There were no cell phones, no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. When I converse with my mother regarding technology, she expresses amazement about how so many things are available to you with “just one click of the mouse”, especially compared to technology, or a lack of, when she was a child.

When I think about the future of technology, I imagine it only getting better and faster. I won’t be surprised if, in my lifetime, inventions come along that can fly us from the US to India in a matter of minutes, or a kind of time travel machine that “beams” us where we want to go in just seconds. Think about how much time people will save with all of this new technology!

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