PRAXIS (slowly dying)


So, I just finished taking my first ever praxis test! and sadly, I need to retake two parts, (math by 3 points and reading by 1). I cried in my car for a little after getting back the results, but then I realized, I didn’t study nearly as much as I should have. Last night I found this awesome website,, I was only on it for about an hour or so, not nearly as long as I SHOULD have been on there, but i was amazed! People actually set up these websites to help people! 

Youtube is another great source to get help with homework/projects. All i had to type in the tool bar was “praxis 1” and bam! ALL PRAXIS HELP!! It’s seriously so amazing! Technology may be a huge down fall for a lot in our society, but it surely is so amazing when you step…

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