A Life Without Facebook

After a week without Facebook, I got to log back on and have 9 notifications. I was surprised I had 9 usually I don’t post or have a lot of interaction on Facebook I just use it to skim and see what people are up to. Mainly my mom who will post about what my siblings are doing since I live elsewhere with my grandparents because of school because their location is closer. I also use it to connect with my family in different states since we may not always have time to sit down and call each other. At first it was rough to break the habit but I gave my word to not use it so I didn’t. I started to enjoy not using it, I became human again I didn’t constantly need to see what the world was up to and my mom actually texted me pictures and my family elsewhere texted they understood the project and communicated to me else where.

I think we need to learn how to live without constantly being connected. We need to remember to be disconnected. Remember there was a time when we didn’t have Facebook and cell phones we actually had to log on to a computer to check our Myspaces and AIM if anyone had that besides myself. But it also should me I can do my work without a distraction. I can get through a day without social media and feel better about myself. I think I will take more breaks from social media from now and remember its okay to do things without the world knowing or knowing what the world is doing and enjoy being alone. Enjoy the moments I have to myself. I really enjoyed this experiment and I would certainly do it again.


One thought on “A Life Without Facebook

  1. I was in the same boat as you. After the week long Facebook fast I didn’t have very many notifications and I didn’t feel as though I had missed all that much. I too realized that it was actually kind of relieving to not be connected to people on Facebook – it was almost like a weight was taken off of my shoulders by not feeling like I had to constantly check my News Feed to see what others were up to. I like when you said “I think we need to learn how to live without constantly being connected. We need to remember to be disconnected.” I totally agree with you on that! It’s beneficial to take a breather from social networking sites every once in a while.

    I made one mistake during the week, I accidently clicked on the Facebook app on my phone then quickly realized that I wasn’t supposed to be on and logged out immediately. I felt like I was doing something terrible! Like you, I would try the experiment again, but next time I wouldn’t go on at any point, not even my accident.

    While looking online for opinions and other experiments involving detaching oneself from Facebook, I stumbled upon this article: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/04/23/why-we-could-all-benefit-from-taking-a-break-from-facebook/ . I thought that some valid points were made. The author, Allana Ketler, took time away from Facebook and thinks that everyone could benefit from a Facebook break. She even challenges her readers to go a week without Facebook! I liked the article & thought you might too.

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