A Week Without Facebook

A Wek Without Facebook

Abstaining from Facebook for one week was fairly hard for me. While I rarely post status updates, I do use Facebook frequently, just to read what people are doing and to look at pictures. While I said that I would not log in, I did log in once to get contact information I needed that was only on Facebook. Once I gave my word that I would not log in for the remainder of the assignment, I maintained my integrity by keeping my word. By the time I was able to log in, I didn’t feel the urge like I did previously.
I would love to go back in time to when I was 17 and just getting my license. During this time, technology was in its earliest form. My dad had a car phone and I thought that was so cool. There were no cell phones, no laptops, and minimal internet. It was during this time that if you wanted to see or experience something, you had to do it physically, meaning that if you wanted to chat with someone or see the Grand Canyon, you had to either call them on the telephone with the long, curled cord, or you had to drive or fly to the Grand Canyon to see it. There was no internet to provide you with real time access to essentially anywhere in the world. Even though technology is a wonderful thing, I wouldn’t mind going back to the “old” days. I guess I’m old-fashioned.

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About silkk26

My name is Katie Silk and I am a Writing Arts/Education student at Rowan University. My hobbies include reading, writing, and driving. FUN FACT: I am the youngest of seven children and have 14 nieces and nephews.

2 thoughts on “A Week Without Facebook

  1. I agree with going back in time. Where every moment of life wasn’t documented through some social media. It just keeps growing and growing. I would have loved to grow up with none of it. Feel like a real human!

  2. Yeah, I second that. Our obsession with documenting everything that happens is kind of frightening. I also like what you said in the beginning about how you check Facebook a lot, but don’t post a lot. I’m the same way!

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