AHHH a week without FB!

When Professor Kopp announced to our class that we would have to go a week without Facebook, i thought, easy peesy! Ha, boy was i wrong.

I didn’t go on Facebook that night, i mean come on, im not THAT addicted. But when i woke up friday morning, it all went down hill. Facebook is MY newspaper, sadly enough. I read my little posts and laugh at the stupidity of some people. After i got my daily dose, i logged out and thought, “holy crap! im not allowed to go on Facebook!”

I remained off Facebook for the rest of the day until saturday morning, and the cycle happened again. I didnt think i could be that addicted to facebook, but i was and im embarrased to say that while just writing this blog post, i checked my Facebook page two times.

Facebook is a way of life for some people, and i know i do not want to be apart of that crowd. To help with my addiction i will not check it nearly as much as i used to, and i will do that by just deleting the app on my iphone. By having that little app right there on my phone, it’s hard to not just click on it and see whats going on for a few seconds.  Facebook is sometimes helpful, but not worth all the time spent on there facebook-quotes-009


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