When you were going to download music for your iPod, where did you go? Probably not iTunes, I mean, why would you want to pay $1.29 when you could get the same exact song for free on youtube? It’s not something most people think twice about, especially when you are 18 years old and in college and you are not even able to afford a well bounced meal for breakfast. Gaylor made a video that described mostly everyones everyday life when it comes to copyright infringement. During this video he met up with a lady who works with Copyright, and introduced his favorite artist, GirlTalk, to her. She sat and listened to the songs in shock, but not because the copy right infringements he committed, but the amount of time he spent to make his “mashups.”

Did you know when you sing that song on your or someone else’s birthday, you are breaking the law? Yeah, Disney owns that song. It’s crazy! That song is something you hear all the time, but I bet you almost never hear it in movies. Because who would want to pay to play a stupid song that only lasts 30 seconds…. not a lot of people.

Copyright infringement is a serious act, but mostly is performed everyday. Who would’ve thought by just singing a song or downloading an image could be so harmful? Stinks that our society is all about wealth.

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