filter bubbles

You know what’s scary? How every click we make on the internet, every site we search, every status we “like” is being tracked. It’s also very scary how google customizes our searches to fit what they think is going to be pleasing for us. Eli Pariser, a speaker at TED talks, spoke about our filter bubbles. “There’s this kind of shift how information is flowing online, and it’s invisible. And if we don’t pay attention to it, it could be a problem.” Pariser spoke with concern in his voice.

When talking about his own life he mentioned how when reading articles on his facebook page posted by his fellow friends, he was starting to see a difference in what was now showing up on his newsfeed. He was no longer seeing his opposing political parties information because he stopped clicking on their links. So wait…. Just because he stopped clicking on a couple of links, things stopped showing up? Yup, that’s how filter bubbles work.

This scares me! What is on the internet that I can’t see because i’m not “tailored” to its followings. Now with recent reports about the NSA seeing everything we do/write on the internet (Hi, NSA!), it’s scary to think what they are taking off the internet to hide from everyone.

The internet was made to help us discover things, not keep us sheltered. Filter Bubbles are ruining the whole purpose of the internet as a whole, and i can imagine that it is only going to get worse with time.


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