Are Games Better than Real Life?

No, I don’t believe games are better than real life. I believe that video games were made for fun. I believe that the games that have been created and they way we interact now with the Xbox Live or another social interactions with the games have made children lazy, instead of going over each other’s house and actually playing outside or play a video game inside together is slowly becoming non- existence they rather stay inside and play a video game and social interact with each other that way. These games are changing they way people interact with each other. I think we need to remember to unplug these devices and get outside. Real life is so much better than a video game, you can touch and smell the environment around you, you can’t do that in a video game. A real person can not physical feel or smell the environment in the video game. I think technology is hurting children they don’t know what its like to be outside from sun up until sun down or at least until the street lights come on. I wasn’t allowed to stay in and do nothing all day, I had to be outside playing getting dirty, making up my own games. Also they have all these ratings on these game, and yet there is 9 and 10 year olds playing mature games and seeing and hearing things that they shouldn’t; because they repeat these words or reenact these actions and get in trouble by the people who buy them these video games. They get in trouble in school for doing it and yet again their parents punish them again for doing and saying these actions in school.

We need to get back into a life where we weren’t so obsessed with a virtual life and get back in a real life and enjoy the seasons, enjoy the little things, experience something new, go somewhere different, be human.


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