In class we had to do a project called a Pecha Kucha – here is our Prezi that will show the images used during the presentation.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 12.22.44 PM

Image – 1. “All too often, when schools mandate the use of a specific technology, teachers are left without the tools (and often skills) to effectively integrate the new capabilities into their teaching methods,” (David Nagel)

– And I collaborated this images above to show what type of technologies teachers usually have available to them and they rarely get the training needed to use the new technologies the right way in the classroom.

Image 10-2-13 at 11.09 PM

Image 2. “Because of the tension between print and digital forms, the idea of the book is changing.” (Bolter)

– And around this time when print was a main focus it gave students something to actually hold and look through and flip, now they have e-texts or just Google so students don’t have to really go in and get the knowledge its a quick touch of a button and a quick search and the information is there.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 12.40.14 PM


Image 3. “Increasingly literacy educators have recognized that Americans need help as they prepare to face the technological challenges of the next century that the primary battles of the computer revolution are far from over.” (Selfe)

– This caught my eye because yes it was an older text, but it when we were younger and didn’t have all this technology we wrote correctly for the most part we didn’t abbreviate words or turn phrases into acronyms. We didn’t change words for example this into dis. And we read things that aren’t correct and are okay with it. Image 4.  “Even a decade ago, the idea of machine intelligence provoked sharp debate. Today, the controversy about computers does not turn on their capacity for intelligence but on their capacity for life.” (Turkle, S.)

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 12.42.39 PM


Image 4.  “Even a decade ago, the idea of machine intelligence provoked sharp debate. Today, the controversy about computers does not turn on their capacity for intelligence but on their capacity for life.” (Turkle, S.)

– Technology was created to better intelligence and to use it for research, today the students and even teachers now use computers more for social interaction, than intellectual.



Image 5. – The traditional classroom has changed and will continue to change, and we as future educators need to make sure we are ready to train and use the new technologies that will come our way.

My Works Cited Page is Sent to my professor in a dropbox account.

This project was a challenge at first for me! I kept think how the heck am I suppose to do this. Then as I met with my group and we collaborated together it started to come together. I found that if I found the quotes first it was easier to make or collaborate images together to relate to the quotes. I also was introduced to Prezi, so I faced another challenge how the heck to use it! Lucky for my group member Hailey, was a wiz at it. And once I got the jist of it I was good to go. I am now a beginner Prezi user. I wish we had more time to work on the Prezi to make it more interesting and to better word my narrative and to practice on timing.  After presenting the presentation I was certainly relieved, I was nervous that it wasn’t correct. But after watching the other presentations as well I thought we did an awesome job as a group and a class. I think if all of us as a class had more time we would have been better prepared but that’s college, there is never enough time.  I also wish that I better understood what a Pecha Kucha actually is what the purpose of this type of presentation. I do have to say I was lucky to have hard working group members pull together and figure it out. We all checked each other’s work and met up a few times to make sure we were all on track. It wasn’t always easy to meet because we all have other classes and busy schedules but we got it done, and I think we performed well as a group. I hope I did this reflection correctly. And thank you for reading! =p


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