The Web is Now Only You

After watching Eli Pariser’s TED Talk, “Beware Online:”filter bubbles”, I actually got a little scared because I thought the web is about connecting with things and people. It’s about learning new and interesting things and learn about cultures and places that you can only dream about going. If the internet is filtering what we are searching and narrowing down this to what shoes I am looking for or vacations I am planning next I’d start to get quite bored. I would like the internet to guide to things I wouldn’t always search or even want to search. I would be okay with the internet showing me things that would educate me and give me a better world view.

I guess I should start searching things I wouldn’t normally search and see how it turns out. See if the social media sites I use or if Google will start to change my “filter bubbles”, see if they pick up that I am trying to change my own worldview. We need to become cultured and why not start to do it, we have this beautiful technology where we can search anything. LET’S CHANGE OUR FILTER BUBBLES PEOPLE! LET’S USE THE INTERNET FOR MORE THAN SHOPPING AND SOCIAL MEDIA!


One thought on “The Web is Now Only You

  1. When I first heard about these “filter bubbles” I definitely was shocked. I loved what you wrapped the blog post up with. We definitely need to do more on these things that suck up so much of our time than just shop and “connect” with people. Good post.

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