Twitter & Tweeting

So for this first module it is based on the future of writing; the technology of writing. We had to make a twitter if we did not have one or make a professional twitter if we already had one. I did not have one and had to recently sign up for another technology class I am in this semester. I think Twitter is stupid. I don’t need to post a million times a day updating my “followers” on everything little thing I am doing. So using Twitter for me is extremely hard. I rarely even post on the social medias I voluntarily signed up for. I have Facebook and Instagram but I have been posting and using it less and less. I like to interact with people I can not see as often, and see how their life is going, but I don’t post every hour, or day. There is times were I don’t post for days, maybe even a week or two. It is not an important part of my life. I have learned to be alone, to enjoy the silence, and live without constant connection. Also for the future of writing module I was in for class, we had to follow people in our future professional career. I followed a few elementary teachers and preschool teachers, they mainly tweeted about crafts and lessons you could plan with your students. I retweeted and favorited tweets I thought was interesting to me. I also found a writing educator and retweeted, favorited, and even commented on some of his tweets. He as well tweeted mainly lessons and articles he found interesting.  I didn’t see much else from these educators, they did not tweet anything personal or anything that would discredit them as an educator. Again Twitter isn’t that interesting to me, social media is taking over and we are forgetting what its like to be alone and to actually learn how to just pick up the phone call someone and go interact with them in person and socially. I have said this a few times in class but I really mean it, I can not wait to delete my Twitter at the end of the semester.

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