Pecha Kucha/Class Reflection

The Pecha Kucha was slightly intimidating when we were first assigned it. I had never heard of a pecha kucha and honesty was against it. I never had a project where I wasn’t able to project or exhibit words in the presentation. I suppose I was just worried because it was sort of a security blanket to have the opportunity to stare up at the words if need be. After meeting with my group and looking up a few examples I was able to breathe. I mean how hard could it be to speak a grand total of a minute and twenty seconds? This however produced a new thought, how was I supposed to say everything I wanted to say in such a short amount of time? I do have to admit that I’m a bit wordy during presentations so the time limit forced me to tighten up and get to the core of what my points were. This was a little difficult but it allowed me to clarify what I wanted to say and what I wanted my audience to know and take away from our presentation.


For my first picture I chose to incorporate a composition book and computer because for my time frame, computers were just being introduced into the classroom. So we went from writing everything down to making it special by typing it up. It makes me question if the act of writing will one day be eliminated all together, it’s important to think about, it’s not too far-fetched and would be something that effected education, writing, and our society.


 For my second image I chose a classroom of students and computers. It represents the different ways we approach teaching and learning. Technology is altering the way we form communities, classrooms, place of employment etc. For education it provides a way to engage the students, what I question is how engaged are the students with the computers vs. the real world? This too will alter the future of writing and technology.

ImageFor my third slide I chose a brain with a number of topics surrounding it to show all of the topics the internet offered students. I also wanted to show that students no longer had to rely on one teacher to give them the information they needed. They are able to open up their classroom and get more perspectives. Also writers are able to have bigger workshops with more feedback from a variety of people.


For my fourth slide I chose to put a whiteboard on the screen of a projector with a chalkboard in the whiteboard. This shows the progression of visually putting notes or information on the board in a classroom. It makes you question the different ways a child learns and how technology is helping meet the needs of all of the different types of learners not just the visual. It also shows that writing is communication and communication can be done through more ways than just writing, there can be pictures, sound, and even video!


For my last slide I took a picture of a cup filled with water. Then I added the thirteen colonies at the bottom to demonstrate a topic of study. On top I put a cartoon of a man in an inner tube skimming the service. This picture represents students skimming the surface when it comes to deeper thinking. Sure you can look up a topic and get the answer you want instantaneous but sometimes the journey is truly more valuable than the destination.

The way me and my group came up with a way to connect all of our slides was to do the progression of technology in education and how it effects writing/learning. My years were from 1996-2000. We all found this helpful because for the most part we all lived through the years we were researching and were able to not only have factual information but personal experience we could offer to our presentation. We all worked on the prezi and met up twice. I found our group worked well together and each individual held their own when it came to the work load. We may all have been a bit intimidated and confused by the project, but we pulled together and found clarity in the end.

In the end I think the Pecha Kucha project is a good representation of the Future of Writing class. Through Twitter and all the blogs it taught me to get straight to my point and to eliminate the unnecessary or irrelevant. It also enlightened me on the possible dangers technology may cause. Technology is altering the way we view writing, communicating and even teaching among other things. I just hope it doesn’t alter the act of writing right out of existence. I found this class to be slightly difficult, for the simple fact that I try to resist all of the changes technology is causing. This class forced me to blog and tweet, two things prior to this class I didn’t really partake in. This class has taught me to not resist it but to embrace it, to explore what it has to offer and to learn from it and use it to benefit me and my future students. The world is changing, I don’t want to be left behind.


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