As We May Think

While reading this article, it was hard to believe Bush was thinking of these ideas in 1945! His ideas are something, we in the year 2013, are still trying to make perfect. Bush came up with the idea “Memex,” which stores ideas basically like how are mind stores ideas, but in a system of technology like a computer.

Bush wrote, “Professionally our methods of transmitting and reviewing the results of research are generations old and by now are totally inadequate for their purpose,” this is why he was so passionate about coming up with something that would be so useful for everyones future. I think Bush’s idea was one only of a genius, especially because in that day of age, computers were not even invented.

Though this idea is great, what was wrong with the old pen and paper way of remembering stuff? Why must people always want to go beyond their means, and make things more complicated. Yes, it is more convenient to just be able to type in a couple of letters, and bam! there is your answer, but what happens when it crashes? All the ideas or memories you worked so hard to save, are lost.

This is what scares me about technology. While writing this blog i am nervous some how that wordpress is going to close out, or i am going to hit a button to erase all of my writing. With pen and paper, it is hard to lose that data, unless you really tried to.

Technology just keeps advancing everyday, and we have to embrace it. It is scary to think that in 1945 Bush was coming up with this invention, I can only imagine the ideas scientists in today’s society are coming up with. Scary, scary, scary.


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