Reflection on Pecha Kucha

A Walk Through A Slide

1. “by requiring them to post thick tweets and by encouraging them to pack multiple layers of information within 140 characters or less, i’m trying to teach my students how to craft creative, meaty, and to-the-point messages that attract other people’s attention.” (difference in thick and thin tweets, Silver)

This was my first slide, The image consisted of an iPhone, and a screen that had CNN tweets on them.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 5.37.43 PM


I felt this fit my quote perfectly because these are “thick” tweets. Thick tweets are great when it comes to education, because students are not going to be as shy to click on them, than they would be on just a google search. Their mindset is, “Hey, if it is on my twitter newsfeed, then it cant be that toxic to me!” Yup, some people my age think news is toxic.

This slide played well with my four other slides because it kept with the current technology we use today!

If i could change this slide, i probably wouldve just made my thoughts more stronger and relatable, yes, everyone knows twitter, but more people use Facebook, and i think i would have made it more about that.

What I Learned About My Blog Topic

Over the past four weeks i am really glad i was matched up with these group of girls. Katie, Dana, and Hailey are all different when it comes to using technology. Katie grew up in an age where computers were a privilege and not a right. Dana HATES twitter, and Hailey is open for anything! Every reading we had read introduced us all to new ideas. Therefore pretty much all the articles/ videos would be cited in this blog, haha.

The “reading” I really found interesting though would be the Rip! Manifesto video. I was so shocked with how many things in my life are illegal, and i would not call myself a criminal by any means, but in all reality, that is what i am!

This class really opened up my eyes to a lot of things. I was introduced to many ideas, that i assumed had been around forever! But really, they just came about in the last decade. It is crazy and exciting to see how fast our world is changing and it is all due to technology.


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