The Absence of Facebook for a Week was Rough…”Like” if You Agree

Going a week without Facebook was slightly more difficult than I thought it was going to be.  I’m one of those people who have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  I feel it necessary to have to keep in touch with friends that live out of state or even out of the country. I also use it to keep tabs on what the Outdoors Club is doing since it’s the main line of communication between all the group members. For communication and event purposes I find Facebook quite helpful. On the other hand, I find Facebook can be more trouble than it’s worth. I’ve seen many attacks or fights between friends, family members, couples, and even strangers for all of Facebook to see. Then there’s also the danger of false identification, advertising, and even the possibility of being let go from a job because of a status or picture.

For the first few days I did well. All I really wondered about was how many “likes,” comments, status updates, or messages was I missing out on!? A few times I thought about going on because I was bored but resisted the urge and did something productive instead. Instead of logging on to Facebook at work I filled all the napkins up and prepped for the next day. I benefited the next day when we got a shot (a lot of business) early on in the day. I didn’t only benefit at work from the absence of Facebook but in my academics as well. When it comes to homework I’m by nature a procrastinator, and Facebook was one of my enablers. It was quite fascinating to see how much homework I got done in the absence of Facebook. I noticed I wasn’t in a rush to get my assignments done, and I slept way more that week than I had since summer. I will have to admit I did get my fix else where and when I say else where I mean YouTube and twitter. I’d be interested to see how the population including myself would react to a week without the internet or our phones. I think it would produce pure panic!

I didn’t cave in until Wednesday when a few of my friends texted me asking if I was going to attend the camping/hiking trip the following weekend. They weren’t being very forth coming with the details so I succumbed to my Facebook needs and logged on. I was happy to have found I had over twenty notifications and five messages waiting for me. I tried to keep my cheating to a minimum so I just went to the Outdoors club page copied and pasted the details to a word document and logged off as quickly as I could without looking at any of my messages or notifications. The circumstances and limits I placed on myself didn’t make me feel any less of a cheat.

After the incident I stayed off Facebook until after class on Thursday night but the realization that I couldn’t make it a week without Facebook hit home and it wasn’t a good feeling. Since then I’ve limited my Facebook use and have been more productive. I’ve found that getting face to face approval is a lot more rewarding than getting a “like.”  Image


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