Twitter project

For my twitter project, I followed a lot of different education sites, but my favorite account out of all of them was Great Schools. I really enjoyed this account because they seemed to be focused on having a learning community within the classrooms, like Rowan University.

With October being Anti-Bully month, the last 6 day’s posts has consisted of tweets and retweets on ways to see if your child is being bullied, or if they are the ones bullying. This is really important in today’s society because of technology. Since kids always have access to the internet, cyber-bullying has been a huge problem. Great Schools helps spread the word for signs of bullying, and i believe that is great that their twitter posts are really focused on this month’s awareness.

Great School’s following list does not surprise me. The account pretty much only follows other education sites, which only limits what they see, and that may cause a problem. But, that site is solely used for schooling and nothing else, so it is understandable. Following sites like Great School’s really opened my eyes to the passion some people have for teaching, which makes me more excited for my future as a teacher in a elementary school.


One thought on “Twitter project

  1. Personally, I can still say after doing all these assignments within Twitter for our class, I still hate it. Though, I can also say that I too followed Great Schools and I did review the tweets that they were sharing about bullying during Anti-Bullying Month this October. This goes to show you that Twitter can be used effectively within education because these tweets were getting a strong and serious message across to other parents, students, and teachers that bullying will not and never be tolerated within the classroom and school grounds. Cyber bullying has become a huge issue within the past couple years because people will say such mean and hurtful remarks without hesitating or thinking to their peers online. This is because they are hiding behind the computer and have no fear of what the other person is going to do back, so their fingers at the keyboard have no filter. Most likely, this other person is not going to do anything to the cyber bully, but rather to themselves like committing suicide. What has our world come down to that mostly young teens will go out of their way to harass a person online that has done nothing to them? It is such a disgrace to our generation and I am happy that Twitter specifically has tweets to further the awareness for this month’s tragic issue.

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