About ten years ago, I was convinced by my brother to join Facebook. He said that it was this really cool social website that keeps you connected with people you don’t see all the time. He showed me how to set up an account, post pictures and status updates, and how to become “friends” with people. So I “friend requested” family members, friends, people with whom I went to school, and so on. As my “friends” list grew, I became informed as to people’s whereabouts and what they were doing. Along with that list grew my annoyance. Some friends use Facebook as a time log for their life, or the life of a child or pet, posting everything they’ve done from morning to bed. Who cares if your child woke up five minutes late? Others use vulgar, inappropriate language that, honestly, makes me think they’re stupid and uneducated. Social networks are available essentially everywhere, to everyone. This means that anyone in the world can see the ongoings of your every day life. Some employers will check Facebook and other social networking sites to see what kind of online presence a potential employee has. The drama was starting to get to me.

So, just when I think I’m ready to deactivate my Facebook account, I am informed that I need to join Twitter for a college course and establish a professional presence. I was nervous to join at first because I had always compared it to Facebook, design-wise. It took me a little while to get used to it, and now I actually like it. I use it as my professional network, while Facebook is my social network. I like that the “tweets” I read are professional and based on things going on in my college courses. Twitter is drama free for me! 

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About silkk26

My name is Katie Silk and I am a Writing Arts/Education student at Rowan University. My hobbies include reading, writing, and driving. FUN FACT: I am the youngest of seven children and have 14 nieces and nephews.

One thought on “Twitter

  1. I totally agree with your comment about Twitter being more drama free than Facebook is. Over the years Facebook has become drama central almost for the younger generation. Also the entire fact that employers are now going to social networking sites seems almost dangerous. Kids who are just now getting into college have had Facebook’s since they were young and have a pretty decent amount of inappropriate content all over the web.
    What I’ve noticed recently on social networking sites, sites made for contacting and communicating with people. people are now changing their names. Some people now put their middle name instead of last name, or a nickname even, just so future employers don’t find their social media sites. We have grown to want to post our entire lives online, but I only see that as a disaster waiting to happen.

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