Video Games and Education

When I think of video games, a vision appears in my head: walking into my sister’s house and seeing my brother in law and nephew playing some “shoot-’em-up” video game. More recently I’ve noticed that they wear headsets and are usually conversing with another family member who is also playing. The word “educational” does not come to mind.

But what if video games could be used as an educational tool? It has been tested and tried and seems to be a growing industry. Because of the many advances in technology, video games would allow a player, or student, to have live interaction with an educator.

I do think video games could be a beneficial educational tool. It would hold students’ interest and keep them entertained at the same time, all while the student is learning! The physical interaction  would keep students awake and alert. Video games could also teach students about real life – competition and such. As long as these games are designed the proper way, they could absolutely be a beneficial educational tool.   

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My name is Katie Silk and I am a Writing Arts/Education student at Rowan University. My hobbies include reading, writing, and driving. FUN FACT: I am the youngest of seven children and have 14 nieces and nephews.

3 thoughts on “Video Games and Education

  1. You mentioned your brother in law and nephew playing a “shoot em up game,” and it not coming across as educational. I wonder if the video game is teaching your nephew and all young kids for that matter something, it just isn’t teaching a subject or topic you or I would think of, such as math, reading, English, history etc. What I wonder is if young children who play these games are seeing the violence in these games and viewing it as normal. Then I wonder if in real life when violence occurs do these young children realize the sadness, loss, or seriousness of the act of violence performed or do they see it as normal, nonthreatening and or none of their concern? I agree educational games can be helpful and engaging but it all depends on what kind of game young kids are allowed to experience.

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