Wheres the Deeper Thinking?

People are so absorbed in the technological world that they have become disconnected or out of touch with the physical tangible one. The constant use of technology for example the internet or cell phones are impacting the way we interact with the world around us in such a way we have almost converted from a physical world of nature and face to face interaction with one another to a virtual world of technology.

Writing aka communication is a tool that allows us to interact with the world, but little by little technology is changing the way we communicate. The internet, blogs, cell phones and texting are just a few ways technology is changing the way we communicate or write. Texting and emails are the two biggest culprits for transforming our once elaborate massive vocabulary to a small simple one. More times than not texts and emails are kept short and to the point. We can no longer stay focused on long readings because we’re used to searching key words in a search engine like Google and getting the bits and pieces that we’re looking for to get straight to the point without wasting time on things that we feel  aren’t relevant. In Nicholas Carr’s article Is Google Making Us Stupid, Carr talks about how the way the internet presents information changes the way we think, focus, and concentrate. He addresses the sad truth that “my mind now expects to take in information the way the net distributes it: in a swift moving stream of particles.” Basically we want the information we need and nothing else and we want it quickly. Most people when communicating with each other keeps it short and to the point, they don’t elaborate or go into depth, with no feeling or meaning like a computer they spit out what we need to know and moves on.

This is a perfect example for the Facebook experiment we had to participate in for class. We got to learn just how dependent we are on social networks. How many of us are tuned into the notifications our phones alert us to from Facebook? It seems technology has a “calling card,” whether it’s a noise from your phone or computer or a light blinking to get your attention that a new call, email, notifications or text has come. Like a doctor is on call for the hospital, people are on call to their electronics that are connected to the World Wide Web. Just one cute jingle from a computer alerting you that a new email has arrived in your inbox has the ability to make the lively world around you become forgotten. Whatever you are doing at the time is dropped whether it be cooking, driving, picking up a child from school, or having a conversation with another individual. We are enslaved to our electronics and it is changing us more than we realize. Image


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