Reflection on Pecha Kucha

A Walk Through A Slide

1. “by requiring them to post thick tweets and by encouraging them to pack multiple layers of information within 140 characters or less, i’m trying to teach my students how to craft creative, meaty, and to-the-point messages that attract other people’s attention.” (difference in thick and thin tweets, Silver)

This was my first slide, The image consisted of an iPhone, and a screen that had CNN tweets on them.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 5.37.43 PM


I felt this fit my quote perfectly because these are “thick” tweets. Thick tweets are great when it comes to education, because students are not going to be as shy to click on them, than they would be on just a google search. Their mindset is, “Hey, if it is on my twitter newsfeed, then it cant be that toxic to me!” Yup, some people my age think news is toxic.

This slide played well with my four other slides because it kept with the current technology we use today!

If i could change this slide, i probably wouldve just made my thoughts more stronger and relatable, yes, everyone knows twitter, but more people use Facebook, and i think i would have made it more about that.

What I Learned About My Blog Topic

Over the past four weeks i am really glad i was matched up with these group of girls. Katie, Dana, and Hailey are all different when it comes to using technology. Katie grew up in an age where computers were a privilege and not a right. Dana HATES twitter, and Hailey is open for anything! Every reading we had read introduced us all to new ideas. Therefore pretty much all the articles/ videos would be cited in this blog, haha.

The “reading” I really found interesting though would be the Rip! Manifesto video. I was so shocked with how many things in my life are illegal, and i would not call myself a criminal by any means, but in all reality, that is what i am!

This class really opened up my eyes to a lot of things. I was introduced to many ideas, that i assumed had been around forever! But really, they just came about in the last decade. It is crazy and exciting to see how fast our world is changing and it is all due to technology.


Twitter project

For my twitter project, I followed a lot of different education sites, but my favorite account out of all of them was Great Schools. I really enjoyed this account because they seemed to be focused on having a learning community within the classrooms, like Rowan University.

With October being Anti-Bully month, the last 6 day’s posts has consisted of tweets and retweets on ways to see if your child is being bullied, or if they are the ones bullying. This is really important in today’s society because of technology. Since kids always have access to the internet, cyber-bullying has been a huge problem. Great Schools helps spread the word for signs of bullying, and i believe that is great that their twitter posts are really focused on this month’s awareness.

Great School’s following list does not surprise me. The account pretty much only follows other education sites, which only limits what they see, and that may cause a problem. But, that site is solely used for schooling and nothing else, so it is understandable. Following sites like Great School’s really opened my eyes to the passion some people have for teaching, which makes me more excited for my future as a teacher in a elementary school.

As We May Think

While reading this article, it was hard to believe Bush was thinking of these ideas in 1945! His ideas are something, we in the year 2013, are still trying to make perfect. Bush came up with the idea “Memex,” which stores ideas basically like how are mind stores ideas, but in a system of technology like a computer.

Bush wrote, “Professionally our methods of transmitting and reviewing the results of research are generations old and by now are totally inadequate for their purpose,” this is why he was so passionate about coming up with something that would be so useful for everyones future. I think Bush’s idea was one only of a genius, especially because in that day of age, computers were not even invented.

Though this idea is great, what was wrong with the old pen and paper way of remembering stuff? Why must people always want to go beyond their means, and make things more complicated. Yes, it is more convenient to just be able to type in a couple of letters, and bam! there is your answer, but what happens when it crashes? All the ideas or memories you worked so hard to save, are lost.

This is what scares me about technology. While writing this blog i am nervous some how that wordpress is going to close out, or i am going to hit a button to erase all of my writing. With pen and paper, it is hard to lose that data, unless you really tried to.

Technology just keeps advancing everyday, and we have to embrace it. It is scary to think that in 1945 Bush was coming up with this invention, I can only imagine the ideas scientists in today’s society are coming up with. Scary, scary, scary.

AHHH a week without FB!

When Professor Kopp announced to our class that we would have to go a week without Facebook, i thought, easy peesy! Ha, boy was i wrong.

I didn’t go on Facebook that night, i mean come on, im not THAT addicted. But when i woke up friday morning, it all went down hill. Facebook is MY newspaper, sadly enough. I read my little posts and laugh at the stupidity of some people. After i got my daily dose, i logged out and thought, “holy crap! im not allowed to go on Facebook!”

I remained off Facebook for the rest of the day until saturday morning, and the cycle happened again. I didnt think i could be that addicted to facebook, but i was and im embarrased to say that while just writing this blog post, i checked my Facebook page two times.

Facebook is a way of life for some people, and i know i do not want to be apart of that crowd. To help with my addiction i will not check it nearly as much as i used to, and i will do that by just deleting the app on my iphone. By having that little app right there on my phone, it’s hard to not just click on it and see whats going on for a few seconds.  Facebook is sometimes helpful, but not worth all the time spent on there facebook-quotes-009

filter bubbles

You know what’s scary? How every click we make on the internet, every site we search, every status we “like” is being tracked. It’s also very scary how google customizes our searches to fit what they think is going to be pleasing for us. Eli Pariser, a speaker at TED talks, spoke about our filter bubbles. “There’s this kind of shift how information is flowing online, and it’s invisible. And if we don’t pay attention to it, it could be a problem.” Pariser spoke with concern in his voice.

When talking about his own life he mentioned how when reading articles on his facebook page posted by his fellow friends, he was starting to see a difference in what was now showing up on his newsfeed. He was no longer seeing his opposing political parties information because he stopped clicking on their links. So wait…. Just because he stopped clicking on a couple of links, things stopped showing up? Yup, that’s how filter bubbles work.

This scares me! What is on the internet that I can’t see because i’m not “tailored” to its followings. Now with recent reports about the NSA seeing everything we do/write on the internet (Hi, NSA!), it’s scary to think what they are taking off the internet to hide from everyone.

The internet was made to help us discover things, not keep us sheltered. Filter Bubbles are ruining the whole purpose of the internet as a whole, and i can imagine that it is only going to get worse with time.


When you were going to download music for your iPod, where did you go? Probably not iTunes, I mean, why would you want to pay $1.29 when you could get the same exact song for free on youtube? It’s not something most people think twice about, especially when you are 18 years old and in college and you are not even able to afford a well bounced meal for breakfast. Gaylor made a video that described mostly everyones everyday life when it comes to copyright infringement. During this video he met up with a lady who works with Copyright, and introduced his favorite artist, GirlTalk, to her. She sat and listened to the songs in shock, but not because the copy right infringements he committed, but the amount of time he spent to make his “mashups.”

Did you know when you sing that song on your or someone else’s birthday, you are breaking the law? Yeah, Disney owns that song. It’s crazy! That song is something you hear all the time, but I bet you almost never hear it in movies. Because who would want to pay to play a stupid song that only lasts 30 seconds…. not a lot of people.

Copyright infringement is a serious act, but mostly is performed everyday. Who would’ve thought by just singing a song or downloading an image could be so harmful? Stinks that our society is all about wealth.

WE ARE THE WEB…. well we make it at least.

Reading about the internet on the internet is a funny thing, isn’t it? But it’s even funnier to think that just 15 years ago, the internet didn’t even exist! How did people survive? How did they interact with each other? In Wired 13.08’s article, “We Are the Web” we see how much the internet is evolving. In 1995, there was no such website as, which we all know is a well-known popular news website. When Kevin Kelly told the executives of ABC to claim, because it was yet to be registered, they thought of it as a joke because the internet was still not popular. A well later after telling the ABC people to claim the domain. It was available. They didnt understand how big the internet is going to blow up! Now there is over 500 BILLION web pages created! Almost impossible to come up with a website name that isnt taken. Even the amish, who do not use any technology, want to get a website up and running! Who would’ve thought!? The internet is a crazy crazy place. But it is something that everyone can be apart of.