Hi everyone! My name is Dana, obviously. I go to Rowan University and I dual major in History and Writing Arts, as well as minor in Elementary Education. I am at work and school too much and I sleep too little. This blog was created for a class I am in called Intro to Writing Arts and we are currently in a module that discusses the future of writing and how technology will affect writing. As I mentioned I am a Elementary Education minor (for now) and it is important for me to be able to stay up with technology and how it is constantly changing so I can give me future students a better opportunity to grow and have them be ready for all the changes that will come their way. I also have two younger siblings who are eight and four and being a Elementary Ed. minor will help me find better ways to help them at home and as well as this class will better help me help them with any technology they may run into or even help their writing in the future. I think this is quite enough about me.  Now go check out the 3 other awesome ladies on this blog and get to know about them too! =p


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